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Quality Control

Cosmetic Solutions is ISO 22716 Certified and manufactures under the strictest of GMP quality standards. To ensure that we achieve and uphold the highest quality benchmarks, our quality control process involves methodical and continuous testing during the formulation and development stages.

Our products are rigorously tested throughout all phases of the production process to guarantee their superior integrity and efficacy.

While in production, manufacturing practices are routinely monitored by our onsite quality control manager and factory management. Products are inspected at multiple intervals on the production line to ensure that everything that leaves the factory is of the highest standard and error-free.

All factory workers are outfitted in sanitary clothing, as required, and observe our strict hygiene policy. We conduct daily equipment inspections and thorough cleaning procedures.

Stability Testing

Stability testing is performed on our formulations for 90 days at 45° Celsius, monitoring changes in viscosity, color, pH and odor. This guarantees our products have a minimum of a two year product shelf life.
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